About Us

Abby Farms is a family owned nursery / tree farm.  Producing the highest quality plant material in the Mid-Atlantic region has been our top priority for the past 25 years.

By following a strict natural nutrition program to produce healthy vibrant plant material, you can be assured our plants contains no harmful residual chemicals used by most other nurseries. Our plant nutrition program utilizes naturally occurring minerals sourced from only the purest locations available. This allows you peace of mind knowing that Abby Farms plant material is chemical free and safe around children and pets. Dextrose sugar, apple cider vinegar, and sea weed extracts are just a few of our safe and natural alternatives to harsh chemicals.

Our selection of the best performing varieties of plant material for our area ensures you will not have to worry about cold hardiness or rigorous maintenance to ensure the survival and longevity of your landscape. By harvesting at the proper time and using high quality growing systems to produce a larger more fibrous root system you can expect healthier plants that establish faster and thrive better once installed in your landscape.

The management team has a combined 108 years of horticulture experience and because of our drive to produce the highest quality plant material we have what it takes to provide you with a quality product and excellent customer satisfaction.

container trees at Abby Farms field grown trees flowers crape myrtle pink blossoms