Check Out Our Package!

Abby Farms is baring it all to show our commitment to helping our customers succeed.

We are now offering lower pricing on some cornerstone items to help you sell a solid foundation package to your customers.

Crimson pygmy barberry, Needlepoint holly, Blue Pacific juniper, Heavenly bamboo, and glossy abelia make up this bulging 3gal deal.

It’s okay to stare at this list of tried and true beauties so go ahead…take another peak and see how you can fit these into your designs to take advantage of this big deal.

If you currently use these plants regularly then go ahead and crack a smile while you count the savings in your bank account.

How big is it?

Contact our sales rep Doug Miller , 240-388-0700 for a full access look at this enormous deal and you’ll see the rumors are true Abby Farms has the best package in town