Things to Remember for a Successful Commercial Landscape Project

Here is a list of professional tips to remember when working on a successful commercial landscape project.

  • The calcium-magnesium or sodium in the hard water can compete with the Roundup molecule and render it ineffective.
  • Don’t store plant material on asphalt.
  • Train your crew to jet or water in trees by paying attention to the air bubbles.  No air bubbles=a tree that will survive.
  • Check tree stakes.  Many crews install them way too tight against the bark.
  • When augering holes to install trees, scar the sidewalls of the hole with a shovel to reduce the bathtub-effect.
  • Don’t choke strap trees without some protection.  An old t-shirt or burlap can save you a lot of embarrassment.
  • A 3 inch B&B tree will need about 6 gallons of water a day in lighter soils for the first couple of weeks.
  • The organics in pond water will tie up or use up the glyphosate molecule rendering it useless.
  • It’s better to have a tree planted 2” high than 2” low.
  • Tree stakes and guy wires need to be adjusted as the tree grows.
  • It is always a good idea to water holes before planting the trees into them.
  • Treat root balls carefully.  Don’t drag or drop it off the truck or trailer.
  • The optimum pH when using Roundup is 5-5.5 pH.
  • Always water trees when they are unloaded from the truck after delivery.  Wind from highway travel will dry out the root ball.
  • When digging holes for plants, save the soil from the upper half of the hole to backfill because it is more biologically active.
  • Discard the lower half of the hole’s soil.
  • Little things like this make a difference.