Environmental Accountability

Abby Farms will be entering or 7th year since we chose to go insecticide, fungicide and bactericide-free and push the sustainable envelope.  The word is spreading quite rapidly with our customers/contractors as we continue to enlighten them on our practices.  The sustainability is actually helping our customers sell jobs to their clients, creating a grass-roots movement in the mid-Atlantic region and beyond.  Abby Farms now has a sustainable footprint in 12 states.  Garden center clients use our products to push a pollinator plant product line.  We are showing a presence on the “Green Roof Movement,” also.

The customer feedback has been tremendous, including a buzz from our government agencies.  Surveying our customers, we have pin-pointed the fact that the trend is growing.  Our customers are aware that when we partner up sustainability, it definitely helps sell jobs and provide customer satisfaction.  Keep in mind that we can assist you with sustainable discussions with your clients, if need be, as we have meeting rooms that can accommodate 12-30 people.  All we ask is that you give us some notice and for you to choose a client that it really matters to.