Expanded Perennial Offerings for Spring 2016


Here at Abby Farms we are perennially working to provide our customers with the best selection of plant material in the Mid-Atlantic region.

That is why this year we have expanded our perennial offerings for 2016. We have added several varieties we have not offered before and also increased our production numbers of the tried and true staples our customers depend on.  Our newly expanded perennial lineup will allow more of our customers to source all their plant material needs for their entire job from one source, eliminating the headaches of multiple deliveries to jobsites or the time consuming multiple nursery stops to gather all of your plant material.

In addition to bulking up our production numbers and expanding our variety we have also refined our pricing for 2016 to be very competitive in the perennial arena. Give our sales rep Doug Miller a call 240-388-0700 or send him an email DDMiller@abby-farms.com for more information about current availability and pricing.

Some of the new perennials Abby Farms will be growing for 2016 include black scallop ajuga which has been a long time staple for those shady areas. Also new on our list will be pink lightning ajuga. Pink lightning features very nicely variegated foliage and bright pink flowers on small spikes. This plant is hardy and brightens up those shady areas needing a vibrant ground cover that’s not boring.

We have also added Marshalls Delight bee balm. With its nice pink flowers and resistance to powdery mildew and rust, this perennial is a great grower and dependably hardy.

Husker red digitalis has been very popular and asked for often so this year we are pleased to be growing this beardtongue variety. With nice bright white flowers and dark foliage this plant is a real head turner.

We at Abby Farms are committed to growing sustainably and as a result our plants are healthier and survive better once planted in the landscape when compared to plants grown the old fashioned or “traditional” way. Give our perennials a chance to enhance your next job and you wont be disappointed.