Have your cake and eat it too?

Are you tired of being told you can’t have your cake and eat it too?  Here at Abby Farms not only will you get to eat your cake we will even give you ice cream to go with it!

When other vendors are blowing out the candles on their B&B harvesting and sales with summer looming, Abby Farms is still serving the main course.

By holding our trees in above ground mulch beds with heat busting drip irrigation we are able to provide you with our high quality sustainably grown trees year round.  If that’s not enough to get the confetti flying  we also have over 10,000 container trees of over 20 varieties.  Still not enough for ya? How about 150,000 shrubs and 84,000 perennials with a side of 6,000 grasses. Now that’s a` la mode!

We have 3 of our own tractor trailers delivery daily along with our fleet of stake body trucks so you can be sure you will be served no matter how big or small of a slice you want.

So don’t let other vendors leave you blindfolded taking swings at that magical piñata of availability, just give our sales rep Doug Miller a call 240-388-0700 or send him an email ddmiller@abby-farms.com for our current availability and let him know what you want on your plate.

Also take a look at our facebook page www.facebook.com/abbyfarmsnursery to see pictures of our mulch beds and our containerized material.