November 2015 Farm News

So far this fall has been very busy here at the farm. Inventory is going fast as our customer base continues to grow; more and more customers are leaning on us to supply their entire job from the perennials to the trees and we are happy to be able to support them with this.

Now is the time when our field and container operations kick it into high gear as we prepare next years inventory. Our field crews are feverishly digging 400 trees a day to keep our above ground B&B inventory well stocked through this fall and fall 2016. Our early order program is off to a great start with our customers having already booked thousands of trees for their spring jobs. Please contact Doug Miller for more information on this program at

As soon as our digging crew clears the field our nutrient management team prepares the field for planting (see October 2015 newsletter for a detailed description of this process) and shortly after the planting crew diligently plants our next crop.

Our container crews are busy shifting up thousands of liners each week to meet the demand of our customers for 3 and 7gal shrubs. The target is to have 300,000 shrubs planted and ready for early summer sale to ensure we have continuous supply for our customers. We have also got a head start on our 15gal tree inventory and have potted 10,000 out of the 20,000 we have projected. The remaining 10,000 will be planted from bare root stock in March 2016.

Even though we have all this activity on the farm we are always eager to hear from you and take the time to help our customers, so please give us a call 301-782-9077 and talk with Doug Miller if you would like to come out and see our operation and get to know us better.