Roots: The Hidden Value of Trees

The landscaper or landscape architects whom our business caters to rarely think about one of our best kept secrets “ROOTS”.

The value of our products is judged from the ground up and tagged for their symmetrical form-like a holly tree. Crape myrtles and birch are selected by symmetrical cane sizes and balanced heads but if you look a little deeper, the roots are our best kept secret; often or in most cases never given a thought.

Abby Farm starts off aligning themselves with a liner company that is capable of producing a high quality tree, in most cases with an air root pruning container ensuring us of a vigorous tree with a quality root system. It is our philosophy that this is important with most families of trees, while being somewhat less important in other types.
We still use vendors with slick sided pots knowing that the tree has only been in the pot for 9-11 months and is not over grown. Optimal tree spades provide a shallower root ball when we dig so we capture the feeder roots. We sell trees not dirt so a big cone of soil at the bottom point of a root ball is not doing anyone any good because seldom is a root all the way to the bottom.
More trees per truck benefit the purchaser by lowering shipping cost, along with making it easier to get our trees in to a court yard or around a swimming pool at your job site. The hardened off root system ensures a higher level of survivability and less warranty work for you. Knowing that you purchased a sustainable tree grown by experts that know how to provide the nutrient balance in the soil that will ensure the tree reestablishes faster in the landscape is Abby Farms hidden secret.
Think about it, there is more to a tree than what is above the ground “buy the total package”.