SUMMER SALE EXTENDED: Above Ground Tree Sale – Summer 2021

sumer special july 2021 B


summer special 2021 - above ground tree sale




































Orders must ship by August. Click Here to download a .pdf of the availability sheet.

38Cherry Kwanzan3"$140
37Cherry Kwanzan3.5"$140
21Cherry Kwanzan4"$140
6Cherry Yoshino2"$80
26Cherry Yoshino2.5"$110
58Cherry Yoshino3"$140
15Cherry Yoshino3.5"$140
69Choke Cherry Canada Red2"$105
29Choke Cherry Canada Red2.5"$125
26Choke Cherry Canada Red3"$140
38Crabapple Prarie Fire2"$110
8Crabapple Prarie Fire2.5"$125
24Crape Myrtle Muskogee10'-12'$125
16Crape Myrtle Natchez10'-12'$125
56Crape Myrtle Natchez12'-14'$150
5Crape Myrtle Natchez14'-16'$175
6Crape Myrtle Tuskegee10'-12'$125
6Dawn Redwood2.5"$125
38Dawn Redwood3"$175
22Dawn Redwood3.5"$205
7Dawn Redwood4"$205
12Elm Allee1.75"$100
137Elm Allee2"$110
7Elm Allee2.5"$135
97Elm Bosque2"$110
19Elm Bosque2.5"$135
43Elm Bosque3"$175
25Elm Bosque3.5"$210
872Elm Princeton2"$90
94Elm Princeton2.5"$135
150Elm Princeton3"$175
39Elm Princeton3.5"$210
7Elm Valley Forge2"$110
29Elm Valley Forge2.5"$135
66Elm Valley Forge3"$175
52Elm Valley Forge3.5"$210
25Lilac Ivory Silk2"$110
53Lilac Ivory Silk2.5"$135
21Lilac Ivory Silk3"$175
9London Plane Bloodgood3"$175
55London Plane Exclamation2"$110
50London Plane Exclamation2.5"$135
175London Plane Exclamation3"$175
11London Plane Exclamation3.5"$210
7London Plane Tree Exclamation2.5"$135
5London Plane Tree Exclamation3"$175
12Mape Brandywine2"$110
24Maple Amur2"$110
17Maple Amur2.5"$135
27Maple Armstrong2.5"$135
97Maple Armstrong3"$175
34Maple Armstrong3.5"$210
7Maple Autumn Blaze2"$110
10Maple Autumn Blaze2.5"$135
132Maple Autumn Blaze3"$175
177Maple Autumn Blaze3.5"$210
20Maple Autumn Blaze4"$225
71Maple Autumn Flame2"$110
140Maple Autumn Flame2.5"$135
233Maple Autumn Flame3"$175
51Maple Brandywine2"$110
166Maple Brandywine2.5"$135
169Maple Brandywine3"$175
17Maple Brandywine3.5"$210
17Maple Burgundy Belle2"$110
34Maple Burgundy Belle2.5"$135
8Maple Burgundy Belle3"$175
22Maple Hedge3.5"$210
275Maple October Glory2"$110
180Maple October Glory2.5"$135
130Maple October Glory3"$175
16Maple October Glory3.5"$210
6Maple October Glory4"$225
22Maple Red2"$110
31Maple Red2.5"$135
19Maple Red3"$175
8Maple Red3.5"$210
341Maple Red Sunset2"$110
118Maple Red Sunset2.5"$135
36Maple Red Sunset3"$175
49Maple Red Sunset3.5"$210
28Maple Somerset2"$110
68Maple Somerset2.5"$135
6Maple Somerset3"$175
10Maple Sun Valley2"$110
34Maple Sun Valley2.5"$135
12Maple Sun Valley3"$175
102Maple Trident2.5"$135
5Maple Trident4"$225
38Maple Trident2"$110
118Maple Trident3"$175
19Oak Black2"$110
16Oak Black3"$175
20Oak Black4.5"$225
8Oak Black3.5"$210
5Oak Black4"$225
74Oak Chinkapin3"$175
44Oak Chinkapin3.5"$210
25Oak Chinkapin4"$225
22Oak Green Pillar2"$110
21Oak Green Pillar2.5"$135
14Oak Green Pillar3"$175
29Oak Green Pillar3.5"$210
351Oak Nutall2"$110
239Oak Nutall2.5"$135
390Oak Nutall3"$130
369Oak Nutall3.5"$150
127Oak Nutall4"$225
43Oak Nutall5.5"$260
41Oak Overcup2"$110
53Oak Overcup2.5"$135
68Oak Overcup3"$175
75Oak Overcup3.5"$210
18Oak Overcup4"$225
229Oak Pin2"$110
253Oak Pin2.5"$135
265Oak Pin3"$130
217Oak Pin3.5"$150
150Oak Pin4"$170
21Oak Pin5.5"$260
15Oak Regal Prince2"$110
10Oak Regal Prince2.5"$135
20Oak Regal Prince3"$175
13Oak Sawtooth2"$110
40Oak Sawtooth2.5"$135
41Oak Sawtooth3"$175
14Oak Sawtooth3.5"$210
28Oak Sawtooth4"$225
12Oak Sawtooth5.5"$260
12Oak Scarlet2"$110
11Oak Scarlet2.5"$135
9Oak Scarlet3.5"$210
45Oak Shingle2"$110
105Oak Swamp White2"$110
146Oak Swamp White2.5"$135
240Oak Swamp White3"$145
37Oak Swamp White3.5"$210
49Oak White2"$110
25Oak White2.5"$135
28Oak White3"$175
8Oak White3.5"$210
250Oak Willow2"$110
133Oak Willow2.5"$135
43Oak Willow3"$175
75Oak Willow3.5"$210
67Oak Willow4"$225
20Oak Willow5.5"$260
73Pear Cleveland Select3"$135
25Pear Cleveland Select3.5"$175
6Plum Thundercloud2"$110
102Plum Thundercloud2.5"$135
26Plum Thundercloud3"$175
50Redbud Appalachian Red2"$110
32Redbud Appalachian Red2.5"$135
21Redbud Burgundy Hearts2"$110
5Redbud Burgundy Hearts2.5"$135
78Redbud Eastern1.75"$90
175Redbud Eastern2"$110
120Redbud Eastern2.5"$135
65Redbud Eastern3"$175
7Redbud Eastern3.5"$210
192Redbud Eastern MS10'-12'$135
17Redbud Eastern MS12'-14'$155
72Redbud Eastern MS5'-6'$75
160Redbud Eastern MS6'-8'$95
200Redbud Eastern MS8'-10'$110
95Redbud Forest Pansy2"$110
38Redbud Forest Pansy2.5"$135
34Redbud Forest Pansy3"$175
214Redbud Merlot2"$110
45Redbud Merlot2.5"$135
5Redbud Silver Cloud2"$110
22Redbud Summer Tower2"$110
26Redbud Summer Tower2.5"$135
56Redbud Summer Tower3"$175
6Redbud Summer Tower3.5"$210
5Redbud vanilla twist3"$175
19Redbud White2"$110
17Redbud White2.5"$135
95River Birch Dura Heat14'-16'$125
175River Birch Dura Heat16'-18'$125
62River Birch Dura Heat8'-10'$75
264River Birch Dura Heat10'-12'$100
250River Birch Dura Heat12'-14'$110
29River Birch Dura Heat6'-8'$60
200River Birch Heritage6'-8'$60
199River Birch Heritage8'-10'$75
201River Birch Heritage10'-12'$100
275River Birch Heritage14'-16$125
119River Birch Heritage16'$125
48Sweetgum American2"$110
67Sweetgum American2.5"$135
95Sweetgum American3"$175
56Sweetgum American3.5"$210
25Sweetgum American4"$210
87Sweetgum Happidaze2"$110
135Sweetgum Happidaze2.5"$135
11Sweetgum Happidaze3.5"$210
6Sweetgum Happidaze4"$210
44Sweetgum Slender2"$125
85Sweetgum Slender2.5"$145
45Sweetgum Worpleseon2"$110
20Sweetgum Worpleseon2.5"$135
25Tulip Poplar2"$110
47Tulip Poplar2.5"$135
80Tulip Poplar3"$175
59Tulip Poplar3.5"$210
26Tulip Poplar4"$225
12Zelkova Green vase2.5"$135
49Zelkova Green vase3"$175
103Zelkova Green vase3.5"$180
14Zelkova Musashino2.5"$135
69Zelkova Musashino3"$175
21Zelkova Musashino4"$210