SPECIALS: Above Ground Tree Sale – Summer 2021

summer 2021 above ground tree sale

















Orders must ship in July. Click Here to download a .pdf of the availability sheet.

Shade & Flowering

2″     $135
2.5″  $175
3″     $215
3.5″  $245
4″     $275
4.5″  $300

River Birch (Heritage & Dura Heat)

8-10′   $85
10-12′  $115
12-14′  $140
14-16′  $155
16-18′  $175
18+’     $190

Multi-Stem Flowering

5-6′      $80
6-8′      $115
8-10′    $135
10-12′   $158
12-14′   $180

Yoshino & Kwanzan Cherries

2″       $95
2.5″    $135
3″        $175
4″        $215

Crape Myrtles

10-12′    $158
12-14′    $185
14-16′    $199


38Cherry Kwanzan3"
37Cherry Kwanzan3.5"
21Cherry Kwanzan4"
75Cherry Yoshino2"
26Cherry Yoshino2.5"
58Cherry Yoshino3"
15Cherry Yoshino3.5"
69Choke Cherry Canada Red2"
29Choke Cherry Canada Red2.5"
26Choke Cherry Canada Red3"
38Crabapple Prarie Fire2"
8Crabapple Prarie Fire2.5"
24Crape Myrtle Muskogee10'-12'
16Crape Myrtle Natchez10'-12'
56Crape Myrtle Natchez12'-14'
5Crape Myrtle Natchez14'-16'
30Crape Myrtle Tuskegee10'-12'
6Dawn Redwood2.5"
38Dawn Redwood3"
22Dawn Redwood3.5"
7Dawn Redwood4"
12Elm Allee1.75"
137Elm Allee2"
7Elm Allee2.5"
97Elm Bosque2"
19Elm Bosque2.5"
43Elm Bosque3"
25Elm Bosque3.5"
872Elm Princeton2"
94Elm Princeton2.5"
200Elm Princeton3"
39Elm Princeton3.5"
7Elm Valley Forge2"
29Elm Valley Forge2.5"
66Elm Valley Forge3"
52Elm Valley Forge3.5"
25Lilac Ivory Silk2"
53Lilac Ivory Silk2.5"
21Lilac Ivory Silk3"
9London Plane Bloodgood3"
55London Plane Exclamation2"
75London Plane Exclamation2.5"
295London Plane Exclamation3"
11London Plane Exclamation3.5"
7London Plane Tree Exclamation2.5"
5London Plane Tree Exclamation3"
87Magnolia Jane5'-6'
42Magnolia Jane6'-8'
82Magnolia Jane6'-8'
65Magnolia Merril5'-6'
12Mape Brandywine2"
24Maple Amur2"
17Maple Amur2.5"
27Maple Armstrong2.5"
97Maple Armstrong3"
34Maple Armstrong3.5"
7Maple Autumn Blaze2"
10Maple Autumn Blaze2.5"
132Maple Autumn Blaze3"
177Maple Autumn Blaze3.5"
20Maple Autumn Blaze4"
71Maple Autumn Flame2"
140Maple Autumn Flame2.5"
233Maple Autumn Flame3"
51Maple Brandywine2"
166Maple Brandywine2.5"
169Maple Brandywine3"
17Maple Brandywine3.5"
17Maple Burgundy Belle2"
34Maple Burgundy Belle2.5"
8Maple Burgundy Belle3"
22Maple Hedge3.5"
338Maple October Glory2"
231Maple October Glory2.5"
164Maple October Glory3"
16Maple October Glory3.5"
6Maple October Glory4"
22Maple Red2"
31Maple Red2.5"
19Maple Red3"
8Maple Red3.5"
341Maple Red Sunset2"
118Maple Red Sunset2.5"
36Maple Red Sunset3"
49Maple Red Sunset3.5"
28Maple Somerset2"
68Maple Somerset2.5"
6Maple Somerset3"
10Maple Sun Valley2"
34Maple Sun Valley2.5"
12Maple Sun Valley3"
102Maple Trident2.5"
5Maple Trident4"
38Maple Trident2"
118Maple Trident3"
19Oak Black2"
16Oak Black3"
20Oak Black4.5"
8Oak Black3.5"
5Oak Black4"
74Oak Chinkapin3"
44Oak Chinkapin3.5"
25Oak Chinkapin4"
22Oak Green Pillar2"
21Oak Green Pillar2.5"
14Oak Green Pillar3"
29Oak Green Pillar3.5"
351Oak Nutall2"
239Oak Nutall2.5"
390Oak Nutall3"
369Oak Nutall3.5"
127Oak Nutall4"
43Oak Nutall5.5"
41Oak Overcup2"
53Oak Overcup2.5"
68Oak Overcup3"
75Oak Overcup3.5"
18Oak Overcup4"
229Oak Pin2"
253Oak Pin2.5"
265Oak Pin3"
217Oak Pin3.5"
150Oak Pin4"
21Oak Pin5.5"
23Oak Regal Prince2"
24Oak Regal Prince2.5"
58Oak Regal Prince3"
13Oak Sawtooth2"
40Oak Sawtooth2.5"
41Oak Sawtooth3"
14Oak Sawtooth3.5"
28Oak Sawtooth4"
12Oak Sawtooth5.5"
12Oak Scarlet2"
11Oak Scarlet2.5"
9Oak Scarlet3.5"
45Oak Shingle2"
105Oak Swamp White2"
146Oak Swamp White2.5"
268Oak Swamp White3"
37Oak Swamp White3.5"
49Oak White2"
25Oak White2.5"
28Oak White3"
8Oak White3.5"
347Oak Willow2"
133Oak Willow2.5"
43Oak Willow3"
126Oak Willow3.5"
67Oak Willow4"
20Oak Willow5.5"
73Pear Cleveland Select3"
25Pear Cleveland Select3.5"
16Pine Loblolly16'
6Plum Thundercloud2"
102Plum Thundercloud2.5"
26Plum Thundercloud3"
62Redbud Appalachian Red2"
32Redbud Appalachian Red2.5"
21Redbud Burgundy Hearts2"
5Redbud Burgundy Hearts2.5"
78Redbud Eastern1.75"
238Redbud Eastern2"
167Redbud Eastern2.5"
65Redbud Eastern3"
7Redbud Eastern3.5"
192Redbud Eastern MS10'-12'
18Redbud Eastern MS10'-12'
17Redbud Eastern MS12'-14'
72Redbud Eastern MS5'-6'
287Redbud Eastern MS6'-8'
303Redbud Eastern MS8'-10'
95Redbud Forest Pansy2"
38Redbud Forest Pansy2.5"
34Redbud Forest Pansy3"
214Redbud Merlot2"
45Redbud Merlot2.5"
5Redbud Silver Cloud2"
22Redbud Summer Tower2"
26Redbud Summer Tower2.5"
56Redbud Summer Tower3"
6Redbud Summer Tower3.5"
5Redbud vanilla twist3"
19Redbud White2"
17Redbud White2.5"
95River Birch Dura Heat14'-16'
229River Birch Dura Heat16'-18'
62River Birch Dura Heat8'-10'
264River Birch Dura Heat10'-12'
500River Birch Dura Heat12'-14'
29River Birch Dura Heat6'-8'
323River Birch Heritage6'-8'
199River Birch Heritage8'-10'
201River Birch Heritage10'-12'
402River Birch Heritage14'-16
119River Birch Heritage16'
48Sweetgum American2"
67Sweetgum American2.5"
95Sweetgum American3"
56Sweetgum American3.5"
25Sweetgum American4"
87Sweetgum Happidaze2"
135Sweetgum Happidaze2.5"
11Sweetgum Happidaze3.5"
6Sweetgum Happidaze4"
44Sweetgum Slender2"
85Sweetgum Slender2.5"
45Sweetgum Worpleseon2"
20Sweetgum Worpleseon2.5"
25Tulip Poplar2"
47Tulip Poplar2.5"
80Tulip Poplar3"
59Tulip Poplar3.5"
26Tulip Poplar4"
12Zelkova Green vase2.5"
49Zelkova Green vase3"
103Zelkova Green vase3.5"
14Zelkova Musashino2.5"
69Zelkova Musashino3"
21Zelkova Musashino4"