Tree care and protection for shipping


With spring upon us the shipping season has begun. Here at Abby Farms we take pride not only in our tree quality but the package in which the trees are delivered. We want our customers to be very happy and comfortable knowing not only will they get superior quality trees but also trees that have been taken care of in transport. After all we have taken years to grow these trees and do not want them rejected due to issues in transport.  All trees that leave our nursery will come with both trunk and limb protection.  The trunk protection is to prevent scarring/rubbing from the other trees loaded on the trailer. We tie the heads to help prevent limbs being broken in transport. Also, when you tie the heads it gives a very clean appearance when the load arrives to your yard or jobsite.  There are also other steps that we take to help protect the trees during transport.

At Abby Farms we pre-dig a lot of our trees so that we have inventory to hold for the entire season. Unlike many other nurseries, at Abby Farms you will still be able to find the trees that you were looking for in early spring during the late summer and fall months. This holding area allows us to heel the trees in mulch creating a level of protection for the root ball. This holding area is watered daily to keep the quality of the tree. During this time there will be some rot of the burlap. When we do ship the trees out we will wrap the root ball in a new sleeve of burlap which will protect the roots that have grown while holding in the mulch. In the summer and early fall months we will water the material before its loaded so that it arrives to you moist but not overly wet. We pride ourselves on giving our customers the best and it’s evident in every load that is shipped from our nursery.