We have what it takes to be your only plant material supplier


At Abby Farms we are proud to say “we have what it takes” to be your sole supplier of plant material.

Our staff consists of growers, logistics specialists, plant nutritionists, and sales experts. It is our staff that gives us what it takes to support our customers. Our unique blend of staff, with varying backgrounds of expertise is what sets us apart from being just another nursery.

The staff at Abby Farms has the drive, dedication, and desire that ultimately transfers over as quality to all facets of our nursery operation. It is our desire that fuels our growers and plant nutritionists to cultivate the highest quality plant material, it’s the dedication of our logistics specialists to keeping things organized and professional, and it is the drive of our sales experts to present our material to our customers in a honest, friendly and professional manner. Any nursery that tells you growing plants is their main objective, does not have what it takes. The main objective of a successful reputable nursery should always be to grow and enhance customer relations first and grow plants second. That does not mean growing second rate plants rather it means growing first rate customer relations first and growing first rate plants second.

At Abby Farms, we want to know our customers so well that when they call to place an order, they can feel secure in knowing they will get the same consistent quality plant material delivered to them as if they went to the nursery and tagged it themselves.  Knowing our customers to this degree helps establish what material they are looking for and what we should be growing to offer them in order to remove the burden of calling multiple vendors to find material for one job, paying more freight than necessary, and all the while hoping that the quality all matches up. It is always easier to help someone when you care enough to know what they need.

Yes growing over 300,000 shrubs, 120,000 perennials and grasses, and over 400 acres of B&B trees qualifies us as a nursery but what solidifies us as a great nursery is our dedication and commitment to our customers with a one on one basis. We strongly disagree with the “cookie cutter” “one size fits all” approach so many nurseries employ as “customer service”. To us customer service is not handling complaints or fixing problems, it is knowing our customer’s needs so well that there are no problems to solve in the first place.

In closing we at Abby Farms want to say thank you to our customers and want you to know we are here to support you in order to help your business grow as you help ours grow. Together we can be successful in achieving our goals. Our staff is always available to help out, just give us a call.